Through the use of the most advanced technology, uncompromised quality and functional design, SiliconeZone creates products to improve people’s lives and experiences in Kitchen and Home. The SiliconeZone brand is synonymous with innovation, quality and value. Our goal is to continue to be creative and evolutionary in our product design and manufacturing, to deliver better living to every modern home.

Introducing KitchenZone again. Faithful to the originals with a contemporary twist, KitchenZone is reimagined as a all-purpose kitchenware series with the uncompromised quality. These are the one and only originals in silicone-made bakeware and kitchenware.

Silicone dim sum steamer is super easy to use and by steaming your vegetables, it keeps vegetable’s natural qualities. Made of premium qualified silicone, perfect size with lid keep the steam and cook more efficiently. The large colander easily accommodates many servings of vegetables, A novel tool for the Chefs.

What would you do with important cards, to-do lists, heartwarming photos or the recipes you are trying to follow? You put it somewhere visible. Founded upon the all-purpose sticky nature of the silicone material, Siconi stationery range organizes your life in a simple and stylish way.

Redbit is engaged in the design, development and distribution of sports and medicine products. We ensure that athletes using our products are empowered to play with sheer confidence and reach peak heights of performance. Redbit’s health products are distributed across the world to individuals, athletes, medical professionals and sports teams.