Trennel: Building diversity through Silicone

Trennel is a global designer, developer, importer, brand marketer, and distributor of an portfolio of brand-name household, and home environment consumer products in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Internationally. The company sells its products primarily through mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs, catalogs, grocery stores, specialty stores, home improvement stores, beauty supply retailers, e-commerce retailers, wholesalers, and various types of distributors, as well as directly online to end user consumers.

Trennel is all about propagating great ideas for the living, we partners actively with innovative companies around the world, and bringing their life-improving ideas to a wider audience. We stay ahead of market trends and consumer needs, and strives to be the first to market with a broad line of competitively priced innovative products. The company believes this strategy is one of its most important growth drivers, on August 2015, Trennel expand it’s product segment to Healthcare and Personal Sportswear, and it newly form a subsidiary company AP Trennel Limited.


To be an international guru offering top-class products & solutions to improve our way of life.


Partners actively with innovative companies around the world, bringing their life-improving ideas to a wider audience.

Trennel has made its name by creating innovative, silicone technology-driven solutions, from environmental friendly silicone leather toTouri-on® fabrics.

Trennel focuses its efforts in 5main areas: Apparel, furniture, stationary, footwear and lingerie products. The company’s silicon products division develops and manufactures high-performance negative-ion. Trennel fabrics provide protection from the elements and enable wearers to remain comfortable across a broad range of activities and conditions. The products made by Trennel’s industrial division meet diverse contamination control and processing challenges throughout industry.

Trennel is also an innovator when it comes to developing silicone related technology. With the increased consumer awareness in the properties of silicone as a safe material to be used in various product developments; Trennel has developed over the years award winning, ergonomic and functional products that suit today’s health conscious lifestyle.

We use 100% natural silicone as a material because we are cautious to the environment; the source of the silicone is similar to glass, from Silica (SiO2) which is basically sand, therefore no harmful chemicals are produced to the environment while our products are being made.


In today‘s world, human beings face problems of environmental pollution, physical stress and unhealthy food everyday. The increasing positive ion level in our environment raises the acidity level within our body, which in turn causes damages to our cells and bodily functions. This is the reason why we develop our product with the concept of healthy life.